Centrex Italia


Centrex Italia's goal is to provide sales companies and industrial clients in Italy and wholesalers and traders in Europe with prompt answers and effective solutions in sale and trading of natural gas and power.
Centrex Italia is wholly committed to defining and applying integrated processes and innovative systems that enable the increasingly flexible, transparent and effective management of every stage of its business.

Our goal: to make the difference

To operate effectively in a continually evolving, complex sector, Centrex Italia pursues the goals of vertical integration in all segments of the gas chain, diversification through the launch of new activities and services, and expansion on strategic markets in Europe, thanks also to its natural international dimension.
Centrex Italia guarantees a dynamic and efficient structure that is able to promptly respond to the various requests and needs of our clients. Constant commitment to research and quality makes Centrex Italia an ideal partner for flexibility, expertise and correctness, capable of ensuring the optimum management of all commercial and operational activities.

  • Quality

    Integrity, reliability and professionalism: these are the cornerstones of our relationships with our clients.


    To stay ahead of market changes and provide rapid and effective solutions.


    On an increasingly complex market, Centrex Italia can count on an international organisation, a dynamic structure and a team of experts with many years of experience in the energy sector.


    For ourselves and our clients.

    Social responsibility

    Centrex Italia is actively committed to safeguarding Italy’s artistic, cultural and environmental heritage.

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  • Authoritativeness

    The Centrex Italia professionals have in-depth knowledge of the energy markets, a sector in which we have successfully operated for many years.

    Integrated approach

    Cutting-edge processes and systems allow for great flexibility and the constant monitoring of all activities.

    Products and services

    Centrex Italia provides its clients with opportunities made possible by a rich and diversified portfolio and relevant transport and storage capacity.


    Being part of the Gazprom Group means solidity, stability, reliability and vertical integration with the world’s most important natural gas producer.

  • A unique reference point

    For all activities connected with import, sale and trading of power and natural gas.

    Strategic vision

    Great expertise and market knowledge, together with its international organization and vocation for innovation, have enabled Centrex Italia to acquire a strategic vision that allows it to operate effectively on the reference market.


    Since it was founded in October 2008, our company has undertaken a decisive and constant expansion.