A story of continual growth

Our main milestones

Discover the growth of Centrex Italia since its foundation up to the most recent events.


CEA Centrex Energy & Gas AG, sole shareholder of the company, constitutes CEA Centrex Italia S.r.l.

Feb 2007

The start of natural gas importation and sales to Italian wholesalers.

Oct 2008

CEA Centrex Italia S.r.l. supports the supply, logistics, sales and trading activities of CEA Centrex Energy & Gas AG.

Apr 2010

CEA Centrex Energy & Gas AG is acquired by the Gazprombank Group.

May 2010

The sole shareholder CEA Centrex Energy & Gas AG becomes Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG.

Feb 2011

CEA Centrex Italia S.r.l. becomes Centrex Italia S.p.A.. All sales of natural gas in Italy and trading in Europe are assigned under the responsibility of the Italian company.

Apr 2011

Centrex Italia S.p.A. 51% and Gruppo Societa' Gas Rimini S.p.A. 49%, have established Weedoo S.p.A., a new energy company based in Milan that offers an innovative model of consulting and supply of electricity, natural gas and energy efficiency for small and medium enterprises and domestic clients.

Feb 2016

Centrex Italia officially enters the power market and begins to deal with electricity sourcing, transport and supply to sales companies and end customers.

Mar 2020

Gazprom Export acquires Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG from Gazprombank. In this way, Centrex Italia S.p.A. joins the world's largest natural gas producer and exporter group.

Jun 2021