Letter from the CEO

Dear visitors and dear clients,
Centrex has been operative in Italy since 2008 and it has never stopped growing, changing and improving. We started out as importers and sellers of natural gas in Italy, but is since 2011 that we have been able to approach the natural gas market fully expressing our ideas and potentiality. The strategic plan  drawn up in 2010, and then approved by our shareholders, provides for a development following  three main directions: vertical integration in Italy, covering all sales segments, also through acquisitions; the implementation of new products and services to offer our business partners; the achievement of an appropriate European dimension, exploiting the international  vocation and positioning of our Group.

The constant growth we have had over the past years is even more significant considering the unfavourable market context, due to the ongoing  economic downturn that has struck down the utilities segment in Europe. Centrex Italia is today one of the leading sales operators in Italy and a qualified and recognized trader in Europe.

Since 2020, our operational scope has been expanded: infact, with our official entry in the power market, we are enriching and completing our offer, acting with our usual professional expertise and fairness that have always distinguished us.

June 2021 is another milestone of our history: Gazprom Export acquires Centrex Europe Energy & Gas AG from Gazprombank. Centrex Italia S.p.A. becomes part of the world’s largest natural gas producer and exporter group. This transition improves Centrex ability to move and work in the energy market, but does not alter its mission and values.

Centrex Italia is its team, organized with professionals with several years of experience, strong expertise and the desire and the ability to share them within the company. It is thanks to this team that we have succeed in growing and becoming what we are today, integrating and attracting new professional figures. And this is how we intend to move forward.

Centrex Italia is delighted to make all of its experience and professionalism available to you and your company.

Michele Libutti